BlackBerry 9000 Bold

BlackBerry 9000

Display Pixel Format: 480 x 320
Network: GSM (800/850/1800/1900MHz), GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA (3G)
OS: BlackBerry OS 4.6
External Storage: microSD
Camera: 2MP
Wireless: WiFi (802.11a/b/g)
Battery: 1500mAh

BlackBerry 9000

Kevin of paid $828 on eBay to secure a not-yet-officially-announced BlackBerry 9000 device. He says that the LCD is “awesome”, the OS4.6 “smooth, fast, and pretty” and that the 3G logo: “It nearly brought a tear to my eye”. I understand. With so much suffering from the EDGE-limited data connection, it probably is a GREAT relief for all BlackBerry users to see that the BlackBerry 9000 has 3G. Kevin did note that the size and weight of the phone was slightly larger and heavier than his Curve.

I think it is safe to say that the LCD on the BlackBerry 9000 is very good indeed. Here is the entire quote from Kevin regarding the LCD:

the display is AWESOME. I knew it would be an improved display, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as bright and crisp as it is. The 480 by 320 HVDA Color LCD delivers. For the 88xx, Curve and Pearl users reading this who shunned the notion of upgrading to the 9000 when it comes out, let me just say this display alone will make you want to reconsider.

Update 2008.05.08 10:34AM PST has a video update on the BlackBerry 9000 that takes a close look at the user interface of the OS 4.6. The interface makes generous use of a black background and white outlined icons and white text. This type of interface was first used on mobile phones and smartphones that used an OLED display. OLED displays consume a lot of power when it is on, but when it is off (black parts) they don’t consume any power. This is different from LCDs where power consumption continues on regardless of whether the liquid crystals have twisted or untwisted (or in between). The black background and white outlined icons on the BlackBerry 9000 is certainly not for reasons of reduced power consumption because the display is a LCD. It looks decent, but I would have preferred some more color as the icons can get pretty confusing.

BlackBerry 9000 OS 4.6

Update 2008.05.12 9:13AM PST
The BlackBerry 9000 (Bold) is now official according to a post up on Engadget. The UI looks very modern and sophisticated. It seems the folks at RIM made good use of the 480 x 320 LCD.

Research In Motion BlackBerry 9000 Bold

Update 2008.05.16
According to Engadget, the BlackBerry 9000 aka Bold will be available first through AT&T in July for $300. Verizon Wireless, Spring and T-Mobile will get it in September.

Source: Engadget, CrackBerry

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