DIOTEK Develops Handwriting Recognition Software for Apple iPhone

Akihabara News: DIOTEK is a mobile software developer based in South Korea and announced on May 6, 2008 its DioPen handwriting recognition software for Apple’s iPhone. Just like you do everything on the iPhone, you use DioPen with your finger. Although there are some who are content with the on-screen QWERTY keyboard, there are many who just don’t like it. I know of a few who chose not to purchase the iPhone due to the absence of a real QWERTY keyboard. Well, maybe DIOTEK’s DioPen can bring a different, possibly better, way to input text.

DIOTEK DioPen Handwriting Recognition Software Apple iPhone
The Korean text is “our country”.

DIOTEK’s DioPen can recognize Korean, Chinese, English and other European characters in cursive, print or mixed with high accuracy, according to the company. DioPen currently supports the iPhone but can be implemented on other mobile devices.

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