Scott Bodaly: The Element Personal Computer

Scott Bodaly is a student at the Carleton University and created the The Element Personal Computer concept. The EPC was designed to promote a sustainable computing lifestyle. The Element uses a simplified assembly and manufacturing technique and conveys repair and upgrade information. Eventually the Element will recommend that you disassemble the computer altogether. The materials, of course, will require that it be easily recycled such as aluminum. Bodaly’s main goal of the Element “is to prolong the useful life of computing products, and to make their waste a resource instead of a burden.”

Scott Bodaly The Element Personal Computer Carleton University

I think Scott’s idea. But let’s take one step at a time. The idea about the computer letting you know when to repair and upgrade is great, but that might be years away since we’re just getting started with hard disk robots like Drobo telling us that the hard disks are about to go. So what I would like is a mobile computing platform that is made mostly of aluminum and is as easily upgradeable as a desktop computer. So, I would like to be able to upgrade the LCD, CPU, motherboard, GPU, RAM, HDD, optical drive, ports, etc.

Source: Acido via Treehugger

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