iRex iLiad Book Edition, 2nd Edition e-Book Readers

iRex iLiad Book Edition

Display: 8.1″
Pixel Format: 768 x 1024 (16 grayscale, 160DPI)
Viewing Angle: ~180/180
CPU: 400MHz XScale
Memory: 64MB (RAM), 256MB (flash, 128MB available to user)
Touch: Integrated Wacom Penabled sensor board, input via finger or Wacom Slim Pen
External Storage: MMC (up to 1GB), CF (up to 8GB)
External Connection: USB, 10/1000 Ethernet (via Travel hub)
Document Format: PDF, HTML, TXT, Mobipocket
Image Format: JPG, BMP, PNG
Language: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish
Battery: Lithium Ion
Dimension: 8.5 x 6.1 x 0.63″
Weight: 15.3oz
Price: €499 (US$770)

iRex iLiad Book Edition e-Book Reader

On May 7, 2008, iRex announced that its iLiad Book Edition e-book reader will be launching on May 9, 2008 in Europe. The 2nd generation more affordable iLiad will come with 50 free classic books. According to iRex, the iLiad is already being used by several newspapers such as the Dutch NRC Handelsblad and the French Les Echos. The press release firmly noted that the second generation iLiad does not have built-in WiFi but book downloads can be accomplished “in a few clicks” through Mobipocket, an e-book format. I am assuming that the iLiad will need to synchronize with a PC to download books. I would have thought iRex and every other e-book reader manufacturer would realize how powerful it is when you are untethered from the PC to purchase and download books as strongly proven by’s Kindle. I guess it takes a while to learn. With the touch interface, notes can be made on the e-books and easily transferred to a PC; a nice “touch”. One final beef: the price is too high: US$770? You must be kidding. I’m sure it will be less than $699 for folks in the US. I’m waiting for the Kindle to drop to $299!

For even more than the iLiad Book Edition (my guess), you can get the iLiad 2nd Edition that does include WiFi (802.11b/g) and comes in black. It seems the dimensions and weight are identical to the Book Edition. The WiFi chip probably doesn’t weigh all that much. The iLiad 2nd Edition can be had for US$699 at the iRex Shop.

Source: iRex (iLiad Book Edition, iLiad 2nd Edition) via Engadget

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