LG Display Roll Printing Technology

On May 8, 2008, LG Display (LPL) announced the development of the world’s first thin film transistor (TFT) roll printing technology that replaces the photolithography process. This is an important development in the manufacturing of TFT LCDs (TFT and color filter) as the photolithography process be extremely complex, requires very large and expensive equipment and generates a lot of chemical and water waste. With roll printing technology the complex set of processes used to form the required patterns can be proceeded at once.

With roll printing technology material and equipment cost can be reduced and the time it takes to manufacture TFT LCDs can be drastically reduced. The roll printing technology can also be applied to manufacturing flexible displays.

Roll printing technology for color filter manufacturing was developed already at the end of 2005 by LG Display. Accuracy and resolution was a limitation to the roll printing technology and LG Display was able to enhance both through developments in roll printing technology. LG Display will showcase its TFT roll printing technology during the SID 2008 conference exhibition that will be held from May 19 to 22 in Los Angeles, California.

Source: LG Display PR Email

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