Philips Xenium 800 e2e: Touch Smartphone

Philips Xenium 800 e2e

Display Pixel Format: 320 x 480
Wireless: WiFi

Philips Xenium 800 Touch Smartphone

There are not much specification information for the Philips Xenium 800 e2e at the moment. Unwired View is reporting that Philips’ former mobile phone subsidiary now fully owned by Chinese investors are bringing out a touch smartphone, the Philips Xenium 800 e2e. The e2e stands for “edge to edge” and refers to the touchscreen that takes up most of the Xenium 800 e2e. However, after looking at the picture, I’m not sure if the e2e is quite edge to edge as I see a lot of edge after the end of the display.

Overall the Xenium 800 e2e looks good, but in today’s hyper competitive touch smartphone market where the iPhone still reigns supreme followed by formidable new entrants such as HTC’s Touch Diamond, the Xenium 800 e2e looks almost normal.

Source: Unwired View via Engadget

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