Sony VGF-CP1 Canvas: 7″ Digital Photo Frame

Sony CP1 Canvas

Display Size: 7″
Pixel Format: 800 x 480
Internal Memory: 100MB (80MB for pictures, 15MB for audio)
External Storage: CF, MS, SD
Image Support: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
Audio Support: MP3, WAV
CPU: 400Mhz ARM11 (i.MX31)
OS: Timesys Linux 2.6.19
Wireless: 802.11b/g
Availability: May 17, 2008
Price: ¥30,000 ($258)

Sony CP1 Canvas 7

Sony’s VGF-CP1 digital photo frame not only has the usual capabilities such as showing a plethora of images and playing back audio, it can also display the current time, show RSS feeds and weather information. The VGF-CP1 has a minimalist design and doesn’t look cheap and it isn’t. I would like to have seen Sony design a digital photo frame that looks exactly like an analog photo frame with real wood (and without the shiny band on the bottom with the Sony logo in the middle).

Source: Akihabara News, Engadget

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