NEC ShieldPRO FC-N22A: Rugged Tablet PC


Display Size: 12.1″
Aspect Ratio: 4×3
Pixel Format: 1024 x 768
Brightness: 750 cd/m2
Backlight: LED
Touch: Yes
CPU: 1.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo U7500
RAM: 512MB (4GB max)
Other: IP55 compliant
Price: €2,800 (US$4312)

NEC ShieldPRO FC-N22A 12.1

The display is 12.1″ and has a 4×3 aspect ratio and a pixel format of 1024 x 768. Ah, the good ‘ol XGA format. But with the added functionality of touch. If you want rugged you’ll need to toss out the CCFL backlight and replace it with a LED backlight and that is just what NEC did with the FC-N22A. LED is solid state and that means it is much more durable than CCFL, which is a glass tube.

I’m sure there are other rugged tablet PCs out there but there aren’t that many. And the name NEC doesn’t quite strike you to be the company that makes one of those few. NEC’s ShieldPRO FC-N22A is rugged tablet PC and is IP55 compliant. What does that mean? IP55 compliance means that the contents of structures or devices are protected from dust and water.

Look at the price: €2,800. That can mean just one thing: the FC-N22A is geared for non-consumer use and for commercial use like the military, AT&T installers, law enforcement, etc. Of course, if you’re the rugged type that likes to compute, roll in the dirt and blog outside while it is raining, the FC-N22A rugged tablet PC might be just the ticket. Of course, you’ll need to be fairly well to do to fork over that much money.

Source: Akihabara News

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