Samsung 46″ Digital Signage LCD Brightest in the World

Samsung 46″ Digital Signage LCD

  • Size: 46″
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Pixel Format: 1366×768
  • Brightness: 1500 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • Viewing Angle: 178/178

DigiTimes is reporting that Samsung is currently volume manufacturing a 46″ digital signage LCD panel that the company claims is the brightest in the world. At 1500 cd/m2 it is certainly bright. Is it the brightest 46″ digital signage LCD panel in the world? Who knows. Brightness certainly counts for a lot in the digital signage market as the LCD is generally in brightly lit surroundings: the brighter the LCD panel the easier it is to see the ads and information contained from far away. Samsung states that a brightness of 1500 cd/m2 is about three times that of a typical LCD TV.

According to Samsung there were two areas that it improved to achieve the increased brightness. First, the CCFL backlight has been tuned so that it can operate on very high currents. Second, the 46″ digital signage LCD panel uses a very thin color filter. Why is this important? The color filter is essential in creating color from LCDs. But the color filter also absorbs about 70% of the light coming out of the backlight. Making the color filter thin improves light efficiency and increasing the overall brightness of the LCD panel.

Another very important specification is viewing angle. You can’t use a TN+Film panel in digital signage because the LCD is viewed from all angles. TN+Film LCD picture quality tends to degrade considerably at wide angles; most TN+Film LCDs are limited to about 160/160 and that’s stretching it. Samsung’s Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA) LCD technology allows for really solid viewing angles and that is what is being used here for the 46″ digital signage LCD panel. And that’s a good thing.

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