Samsung VM-HMX20: Full HD Camcorder

Samsung VM-HMX20

LCD: 2.7″ Wide
Sensor: 6.4MP CMOS with Image Stabilization
ISO: Up to 3200
Video: 1080p/30
Storage: 8GB Flash (Built-in good for 90 minutes), SDHC, MMC+
Connection: USB, HDMI, Component
Weight: 456g
Price: KRW899,000 (US$864)

Samsung VM-HMX20

Samsung’s VM-HMX20 is testament to the tectonic shift toward Full HD. The VM-HMX20 can record video in 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames per second (fps). How about we shoot for 60fps next time? But Samsung has that covered with a special mode where you can capture video at 300fps!

Here’s a video with the VM-HMX20 in action:

Source: AVING

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