Tom’s Place: LED Fish-and-Chip Menu by Polycomp

Tom's Place LED Fish-and-Chip Menu Polycomp London

Tom’s Place is a fish-and-chip take-out joint in London. But it’s not any ordinary fish-and-chip take-out joint. It has a special menu. And it’s digital and made of LEDs. The folks at Polycomp developed an LED sign that shows the fish menu bright and easy at Tom’s Place. Tom must be happy. He likes it and says that the LED sign sends a clear and precise message, and it sure seems that way in the picture. Customers seem to like it too. I would think another benefit is that you get away from having to print really large menus (trees and transportation) with poisonous inks (bad for the environment and you) and then having to glue (the glue probably isn’t all that great) it on and having to do that all over again when the menu changes. With the LED menu you can change the menu digitally. Of course it will consume some power and here’s hoping that Tom’s Place is hooked up to some solar power. It also takes quite a bit of stuff (good and bad) to manufacture the LED menu: I hope it’s biodegradable. In addition to the special LED menu, Tom Aiken (THE Tom) has incorporated as many environmentally-friendly stuff at Tom’s Place such as biodegradable boxes and corn starch-based cutlery.

A little bit about Polycomp: Polycomp Electronic Display Systems recently “installed the countdown clock at St Pancras’ main line station to show the time remaining until Eurostar commences, as well as the digital display on top of BBC TV Centre which shows breaking news stories and general information.”

Source: LEDs Magazine

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