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Delphi Key Fob E Ink Segmented Display Cell
Image courtesy: E Ink

On May 9, 2008, E Ink announced its next generation electronic paper display technology called segmented display cells (SDC). The SDC products are simple digit, icon and alpha-numeric displays that feature a paper-thin form factor that consumes very little power and can be easily read. The SDC displays use the same E Ink Vizplex technology found in the Amazon Kindle, Sony’s Reader and the iRex iLiad. The cool thing about E Ink’s SDC-based displays is that it can be cut into any shape including rectangles. Delphi has chosen E Ink’s SDC for its wireless, bi-directional key fob for car-to-user and user-to-car communication and as can be seen in the picture the SDC display has a non-rectangular shape. Could we be seeing E Ink’s SDC technology used for displaying HVAC information inside the car?

There are three height levels: thin PET 330 microns, PET 380 microns, or PI 375 microns. PET options provide 200 micron design rules for the art work or space and trace of 8 mils by 8 mils. The finer pitch PI option uses 100 micron design rules for 4 mils by 4 mils. The SDC can be used in temperature ranges with operations from -10°C to 60°C, and storage from -25°C to 75°C. E Ink’s SDC feature viewing angles of nearly 180° and can be viewed under direct sun light to low-level ambient light. An image can remain on the display for over a year while consuming zero power.

E Ink’s SDC “Design to Mass Production” program allows production-ready samples from customer-supplied CAD files within eight weeks and enter mass production within twelve weeks. E Ink has partnered with several chip suppliers, including Dialog Semiconductor, Epson Semiconductor, Solomon-Systech, and Citizen. E Ink has six standard SDC designs for fast prototyping and application specific solutions: stacked 10-bar, graduated 5-bar, 100%, MB/GB, 8-digit and 6-digit SDCs.

Source: E Ink

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