PDP “Stayin’ alive…”

Plasma display panel (PDP) unit shipments in Q1’08 were down Q/Q but up 53% Y/Y to 3.5 million units according to DisplaySearch. Some of the highlights from DisplaySearch were that 32″ PDPs share of unit shipments increased from 11% to 15%. Bear in mind that these 32″ PDPs are nowhere near 1080p (where LCD technology is headed) and is merely ED. But LG Electronics (LGE) is having a lot of success crunching out these low-end and ultra-cheap ED 32″ PDPs. Also, Matsushita (Panasonic) commenced shipment of its 1080p 46″ PDP for the first time in Q1’08. I’m not sure if this is such a big deal and probably did not impact the overall PDP shipments in Q1’08 very much. Another reason for PDP’s continued resilience is that PDP is still cheaper than LCD at the same size. At the 42″ HD level, PDPs (including PSU and optical filter) were $114 lower than LCD (including PSU) back in March. Of course that price differential will get smaller as the year progresses since larger and larger LCD fabs will be manufacturing these sizes.

Some intriguing factoids according to DisplaySearch: “High-def 1080p PDP panels” took 11% of overall PDP shipments in Q1’08, a significant increase from almost none in Q1’07. First time hearing the phrase “high-def 1080p”. I thought all 1080p TVs were by definition high-definition. I could be wrong. Second, what are PDP panels? PDP stands for plasma display panel, so PDP panel would be plasma display panel panel? Hmm.

Source: DisplaySearch

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