Samsung Blue Phase 240Hz LCD

On May 14, 2008, Samsung announced the development of the world’s first “Blue Phase” LCD panel with a driving speed of 240Hz, quadruple that of typical 60Hz LCD panels. Samsung will showcase a 15″ Blue Phase LCD panel at the 2008 Society for Information Display 2008 show, which will be held in Los Angeles from May 18 to 23.

Samsung Blue Phase 240Hz LCD

Samsung’s Blue Phase mode does not require liquid crystal alignment layers, unlike today’s most widely used LCD modes such as Twisted Nematic (TN), In-Plane Switching (IPS) or Vertical Alignment (VA). The Blue Phase mode can make its own alignment layers, eliminating the need for any mechanical alignment or rubbing processes. This reduces the number of required fabrication processes and increases manufacturing throughput that results in considerable production cost savings. Brightness uniformity on Blue Phase panels should be excellent since there is little possibility of bruising the LCD panel interface due to pressure on the screen.

Overdrive circuits are not needed with the Blue Phase mode LCD. The term “Blue Phase” was coined when the technology’s developers observed bluish hues while watching their new liquid crystal mode in operation. Samsung plans to commence volume manufacturing its Blue Phase LCD in 2011. The LCD panels will be mainly used in TVs that require high-speed video reproduction.

With 240Hz, I predict motion blur to be a thing of the past, that is, after 2011 when Blue Phase LCD-based LCD TVs hit stores. I’m sure the 15″ is prototype and I’m also sure that sizes will increase with subsequent versions. And here’s hoping that by 2011, we’ll see all sorts of sizes including 60″ and larger ones.

Source: Samsung

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