Second Generation iPhone: GSM & CDMA, EV-DO & HSDPA

Why does a mobile phone need to be limited to being either a GSM or a CDMA phone? Isn’t that the old way of doing things where the carrier reigns supreme and bullwhips the phone manufacturers into making certain phones for them? I think it’s time these carriers get whipped themselves. And I think Apple’s going to do with its second generation iPhone. How?

A mobile phone has a baseband chip that determines whether it will work on a GSM network or a CDMA network. Dido for data networks. If you compare this to a computer, it is like having Windows in your ROM. You can’t load a different OS, you’re stuck. A long time ago, computers were like this. But as CPUs became more powerful you offloaded the OS from the ROM. Now, you can run multiple OSes on a computer. And this is what Apple will do. With the purchase of P.A. Semi, Apple will use its low-power chips to run baseband software that will allow it to run on any carrier’s voice and data networks.

What do you think?

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