Sharp Lowers 32″ LCD TV Panel Prices

Sharp is serious about competing in the 32″ LCD TV space as they have cut prices on 32″ LCD TV panels according to DigiTimes who is pointing to panel industry sources in Taiwan. For low-brightness 32″ LCD TV panels, Sharp is quoting US$280-290 when typically they go for an average of US$320. My question for DigiTimes is: What is low-brightness?

Lower prices means more sales and that seems to be working for Sharp. In April, 32″ LCD TV panel shipments increased to 500K-600K units. In May that number is expected to increase to 800K. Sharp is able to crunch out a whole lot of 32″ LCD TV panels using its state-of-the-art G8 TFT LCD fabrication plant. I look forward to name brands offering 32″ LCD TVs for $499 during this year’s gift-giving season. Now that sounds nice.

Update 2008.05.14 8:56PM PST
According to an industry source, Sharp is loading 50% of its G8 capacity with 32″ LCD panel production. Because of its low-bright status, I am assuming that most of the cheap (< $300) 32" LCD TV panels will be integrated into LCD TVs that will eventually be sold in China and other developing countries. Also, in discussing the possibility of a $499 32" LCD TV in the near future, because of the tight profit margins already at 32" LCD TV panels that magic retail price of $499 might be difficult to hit. I am still crossing my fingers for major brands to hit $499 with their 32" LCD TV offerings later this year! Source: DigiTimes

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