Samsung to Enter US Notebook PC Market

Samsung‘s Sukyong Hong, Senior Manager of Overseas Sales and Marketing, stated that the notebook division needs to sell 11 million notebook PCs in 2011 for it to be sustainable. Currently, Samsung has a worldwide share in notebook PCs of just 1.7% and to be sustainable it will need to about triple that market share in three years. Sounds dubious.

But Samsung has a plan. And this is big! Samsung will be entering the US and European notebook PC market! Samsung has a huge advantage over most other notebook PC manufacturers. Samsung itself makes 80% of the components including: HDDs, SSDs, RAM, LCDs, driver ICs, etc. and this vertical integration should allow the company to substantially bring down the cost. I’ve seen a number of Samsung-branded notebook PCs in South Korea and they seem to be look as good as if not better than most ho-hum units coming out from other brands.

Source: PC PRO

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