LG Bikini Touch Mobile Phone

LG Bikini Mobile Phone
Models: LG-SH640 (HSDPA), LG-KH6400 (HSDPA), LG-LH6400 (EV-DO Rev.A)
Display Size: 2″ (5.08cm) 240 x 320, 1.49″ (3.78cm) Touch LCD
Camera: 3MP (12 shots in burst mode)
Wireless: Bluetooth 2.0
Other: MP3 Player, Video Recording, FM Radio, Games (Touch)
Battery: 800mAh (Talk Time: 150 minutes, Standby: 150 hours)
Dimension: 102.2 x 51 x 14.5mm
Weight: 110g (including battery)
Price: About KRW500K

LG Bikini Touch Mobile Phone LG-SH640 LG-KH6400 LG-LH6400 Venus VX8800 KF600

On May 15, 2008, LG Electronics announced its Bikini mobile phone with touch capabilities in the Korean market. LG decided to give the phones the Bikini nickname because of the two separate LCDs and for the coming summer season LG wants the Bikini phone to be a must-have fashion item.

LG Bikini Touch Mobile Phone LG-SH640 LG-KH6400 LG-LH6400 Venus VX8800 KF600

The Bikini mobile phone has a unique feature called InteractPad, which replaces physical navigation keys with context-specific virtual keys that morphs to fit the task at hand. InteractPad should help users navigate through the plethora of features on the Bikini phone.

InteractPad’s virtual keys are larger and spaced farther apart compared to physical keys and according to LG should improving accuracy. The Bikini phone comes in black and “wine red”. The Bikini phone is also known as the Venus (VX8800) in the US and the Touch Menu Phone (KF600) in Europe. Worldwide the LG Bikini phone has already sold 1.2 million units. Have a look at the video below:

Source: AVING, Free log (Korean)

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