Asahi Glass Acquires SCHOTT Processing Korea

On May 16, 2008, Asahi Glass announced that it will acquire SCHOTT Processing Korea (SPK), which is a wholly owned Korean subsidiary of Germany’s SCHOTT AG. SPK polishes large glass substrates for TFT LCDs. The Korea Fair Trade Commission will need to approve the acquisition but once approved Asahi Glass will acquire all shares of SPK from SCHOTT AG.

SPK was established by SCHOTT AG in March 2005 to potentially supply LCD glass to LG Display, Samsung and Hydis. As far as I know, SCHOTT has almost no business with the three main LCD manufacturers in Korea. There have been some testing going on but no involvement in volume manufacturing.

The main LCD glass supplier to Samsung is Samsung Corning Precision (SCP) while LG Display gets its LCD glass from a several suppliers like SCP, Asahi, NEG and NHT.

Asahi Glass has a subsidiary called Asahi Glass Fine Techno Korea that is located in Gumi, South Korea, where many LCD fabrication plants from LG Display and Samsung are located.

Source: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (PDF)

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