Samsung SDI 12.1″ OLED Notebook PC Concept

Samsung SDI will showcase its 12.1″ OLED notebook PC concept at the SID show coming up next week. The 12.1″ wide OLED panel has a pixel format of 1280 x 768. Conventional silicon oxide thin-film transistors (TFT) were added to reduce manufacturing costs.

Samsung SDI 12.1

Cost is one thing. How about battery life? Unlike OLEDs for TV applications and tiny 2″ OLEDs for mobile phones, most of the content on a notebook PC’s display will be white. And that will pose trouble for OLEDs. OLEDs consume zero power when the color is black, because it is off. LCDs on the other hand consume power whether the display is showing black, white, red, green or blue. So there are some advantages for OLEDs regarding power consumption when you develop a UI that is mostly black. But with mostly white stuff on an OLED screen? You’ll need to tack on some heavy-duty battery solution to get it going for more than an hour! Hey, I have a brilliant idea: Maybe you can use the High Contrast Windows themes to maximize battery life! I’m half joking.

I don’t want to be the pessimist, but I don’t think OLEDs are ready for prime time as a notebook PC display; I don’t think it will be ready in 2009 either. Sure it can be thin, but you’ll need to put all the electronics somewhere (Sony XEL-1). I don’t see anything about power consumption and there’s probably a good reason for that. Oh, one last thing: are you ready to sell your used car to pay for a 12.1″ OLED notebook PC? Maybe the industry should think baby steps: how about a 7″ OLED ultra-portable ultra-high-end Ooo PC?

The 12.1″ OLED notebook PC is merely a concept. I don’t think it is a working prototype. The display will be working, but it will be driven externally. There have been 40″ OLED prototypes that have been shown last year and the year before that. I haven’t seen those in store shelves yet.

Source: InfoSync

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