Singapore Airlines: 15.4″ LCD, Docks for iPhone, iPod

Singapore Airlines is my favorite when traveling to Asia from where I am in San Jose, California. I almost always fly coach (forced to due to budgetary pressures) and even then I am glued to the tiny LCD screen watching a bunch of movies. One time I was flying out of SFO to ICN (Inchon, South Korea) on a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 and by the time I had to turn off the LCD, I was almost done with my fifth movie! Boy, was that great! Back to the news…

Singapore Airlines Business Class
Image courtesy: Singapore Airlines (video)

Singapore Airlines’ business class passengers on its A340-500 flights between New York, Los Angeles and Singapore will be treated with a generous 15.4″ LCD and docks for Apple‘s iPhone and iPods. Noise-cancellation headphones are included so you won’t be bothered with the engine noise when wanting to listen to some good music or watch a movie. A340-500 flights out of Newark, NY began May 15 while the lucky Los Angeles business passengers can expect the nice amenities starting August.

Source: Gizmodo

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