NEC LCD Technologies Heart-Shaped LTPS TFT LCD

On May 19, 2008, NEC LCD Technologies announced a prototype heart-shaped Low Temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) TFT LCD panel. The unique LCD is formed using two half-circular arcs and two straight lines. The LCD display has a width of 4.0cm and a height of 3cm. The heart-shaped LCD will be showcased during SID at the LA Convention Center.


NEC applied its value-integrated TFT (VIT) technology and integrated the driver ICs into the module along the perimeter of the LCD glass. This allows for simplification of interconnection schematics allowing a 2.0mm bezel.

NEC Tear Drop Shape TFT LCD

NEC just missed out on Mother’s Day. Maybe next year we’ll get to purchase some heart-shaped or tear-drop necklace digital photo pendants (there, I coined a term). You can see more possible shapes here (PDF).

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