KTF SHOW with QMT mirasol at SID 2008

Data Interface: 3GPP WCDMA FDD R99 (WCDMA 2100MHz)
WCDMA Platform: Qualcomm MSM6245
Memory: 512MB NAND + 512MB SDRAM
Camera: CMOS VGA (640 x 480) Sensor
Display: Qualcomm mirasol monochrome 128 x 40 pixel format
Sensor: Passive infrared type motion sensor

Qualcomm MEMS Technology (QMT) was showcasing a funky-looking device at the SID show currently being held in Los Angeles. The funky-looking device, called SHOW, as it turns out is part of a wireless and mobile security monitoring solution that uses QMT’s mirasol display and Korea’s KT Freetel (KTF) cellular carrier that also happens to use WCDMA, a data transmission standard over cellular connections developed by Qualcomm. QMT’s mirasol display sips power so it can last a long time. And because of its reflective design, a mirasol display can be viewed in direct sunlight and in very dark ambient environments as well.

Qualcomm MEMS Technology mirasol KTF Mobile Security

At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but think of it this way: the picture above is a WCDMA-connected wireless security camera. You access the camera via a WCDMA-capable mobile phone. Combine the two and voila! you get mobile security. So why is this a big deal?

KTF is a cellular operator in South Korea and they want to give the mobile phone-toting populous a way to keep an eye on their kids and aging parents. On the front of the brochure that QMT gave me is a grandmother in a wheelchair and with this mobile security solution, you can keep an eye on how she is doing. Some possible applications are:

  • Small business security system
  • Daycare facilities to allow parents to check in on their children
  • Academic environments including library, hallways and exits
  • Parking lots and car monitoring
  • Hospital environment for patient monitoring
  • Common areas in apartment complexes such as weight rooms and laundry facilities
  • Assisting elderly parents
  • General asset management: livestock, equipment and storage areas
  • So imagine having one of these things installed at a daycare. You’re wondering how Jr. is doing so you take out your mobile phone, connect to it, and have a look. Pretty cool, I might say. Below is a picture of an example of what you might be able to see:

    QMT KTF mirasol Security Daycare

    The following is a description of the functions of the SHOW:

    KTF SHOW Qualcomm MEMS Technology mirasol

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