Samsung HL67A750: 67″ LED DLP TV

Samsung HL67A750
Size: 67″
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
Video Processing: DNIe
Input: HDMI (3), Composite (2), S-Video
Tuner: NTSC/ATSC, Clear QAM
60.8 x 41.5 x 16.6″ (with stand)
60.8 x 41.5 x 15.5″ (without stand)
Weight: 86.7lbs

Samsung HL67A750 67

Samsung‘s HL67A750 is a 67″ DLP rear projection TV (RPTV) that has a special light source: LED. Instead of using an Ultra High Performance (UHP) lamp, the HL67A750 features solid-state LEDs. These LEDs are supplied by Luminus and during SID 2008, the HL67A750 was showcased in its suite room.

The 1920 x 1080 pixel format, high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a light source that will last just as long as the RPTV itself, the HL67A750 looks like a winner. Luminus claims that the PhlatLight LED light source is good to go for 100,000 hours (to half brightness). Because the HL67A750 uses RGB LED the color gamut is improved as well. Another benefit of using LEDs is that the color wheel is gone. The color wheel has been blamed for what’s known as the rainbow effect, where a rainbow-like distortion occurs that can be seen by some.

To me, a RPTV is the most affordable way to get large displays. At times I wonder if it is worth spending the extra money for thin LCD TVs or plasma TVs. The TVs are themselves pretty thin, but when you add the stand and then the furniture piece underneath, the thin factor becomes somewhat nullified. Plus, even if the furniture piece can be slimmed down, there is the deep receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray player, PS3, Xbox 360, etc. that make it a fat install. Also, all of us want to reduce our electricity bill. Did you know that RPTV consumes the least amount of power compared to even smaller LCD TVs and plasma TVs?

Source: Samsung

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