Sanyo to Procure LCD TV Panels from Sharp

Reuters: Sanyo Electric announced on May 23, 2008 that it has commenced procuring LCD TV panels from Sharp. Sanyo will incorporate Sharp LCD TV panels for its LCD TVs geared for North America. Sanyo has focused on rechargeable batteries and solar cells.

This is another big win for Sharp as the company is at the forefront of LCD TV panel production with its world’s largest G10 TFT LCD fabrication fab coming online early next year. Sharp will spend roughly JPY380 billion (US$3.65 billion) to build it and it needs as many customers as it can get. Sharp already has major customers including Sony, Toshiba, and Pioneer.

Of course, Sharp is just one of many LCD manufacturers that Sanyo will be procuring from, but Sharp is one of three that can efficiently cut large LCD TV panels at its G8 TFT LCD fab. In North America, Sanyo sold roughly 1 million LCD TVs in FY2008 that ended in March 31, 2008.

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