Panasonic Viera PZ850 Series Plasma TVs

Panasonic Viera PZ850 Series
Size: 46″ (TH-46PZ850), 50″ (TH-50PZ850), 58″ (TH-58PZ850), 65″ (TH-65PZ850)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Response Time:
Contrast Ratio: 30,000:1 (native), 1,000,000:1 (dynamic)
Lifetime: 100,000 hours (to half brightness)
Input: HDMI (4), VGA
Other: Viera Cast (direct access to YouTube, Picasa, Bloomberg, etc.), No lead or mercury.
Availability: June (46″, 50″), September (58″, 65″)
Price: $3100 (46″), $3500 (50″), $4300 (58″), $8000 (65″)

Panasonic‘s Viera PZ850 series plasma TVs are web-enabled allowing direct access to online websites such as YouTube, Google’s Picasa and Bloomberg. I would think other sites such as Flickr, FaceBook, MySpace, etc. will eventually be accessible too, since they are just as, if not more, popular.

The 1920 x 1080 pixel format of all Viera PZ850 plasma TVs is nothing special, but the contrast ratios are. The native contrast ratio is a very high 30,000:1. But the most impressive specification of Panasonic’s Viera PZ850 series is the dynamic contrast ratio: it is 1,000,000:1. That’s 1 million to one. Wow. These are probably the first fruits of Matsushita working with Pioneer and incorporating some of Pioneer’s best technologies, such as its KURO plasma technology that make black worthy of its name. Gamers will be happy to note that the Viera PZ850 series has a Game Mode that minimizes lag time.

Source: InfoSync, Panasonic

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