Epson Electronic Paper Display at SID 2008

Epson Electronic Paper Display SID 2008

During SID 2008, Epson showcased two electronic paper displays (EPDs). One was 13.4″ and the other was 6.7″. There were many other EPDs showcased during the show, but the ones from Epson is special. Note the pixel format. On the 13.4″ we are looking at a pixel format of 3104 x 4128! That brings the resolution to 385ppi. I asked Epson if there was a particular reason for such high resolutions. The response? Epson wants to get the resolution as close as possible to today’s laser printers: 600ppi. I don’t think Epson needs to get to 600ppi as the 385ppi EPD was very very sharp. Have a look at the image, it was very good.

The smaller 6.7″ is no slouch in the resolution department either. With a pixel format of 1200 x 1600 the resolution gets to 300ppi. That’s in budget laser printer resolution territory. I don’t know of any other 6″-class EPDs that get close to that resolution. I for one would love to have a e-book reader with that many pixels. The experience would be extremely close to reading an actual book!

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