0.3mm Thick OLED Displays at All Things D

This seems to be big news. I don’t know why. Maybe we’re just sick and tired of thick electronics. Maybe we just want to see how thin things can get. Who knows. But the word out is that Howard Stringer, Sony‘s CEO, will be unveiling a new OLED display that’s just 0.3mm thick at the All Things D conference today. Yahoo.

Image courtesy: Gizmodo

Take a close look at the super-thin XEL-1, the first OLED TV to be commercialized. The top part of the display is definitely thin, much thinner that the fat box next to it. Of course, bear in mind that the fat box is probably cheaper than the XEL-1 and it’s probably 4 to 5 times larger. Now, focus on the bottom part of the XEL-1’s OLED display. We’ve got a major aluminum bump. Now go down even more and you see some fat electronics and I think it’s fatter than even the big fatty next to it.

What good is a super-thin OLED display if you need a fat base it has to be connected to?!? Can you hang the XEL-1 on the wall? No. Can you hang the big fatty next to it on the wall? Yes. So, then, mirror mirror on the wall who is the thinnest TV of them all? It ain’t the XEL-1.

But if you have to have the latest technology (thin or not) and have $2500 burning a hole in your wallet, then by all means click on the link below, get it shipped to you overnight, and enjoy the not-even-HD content on your XEL-1 for a whopping 17,000 hours.

Update 2008.05.28 10:47AM PST
As you have probably noticed, I like for folks to be straight up with me. When they say thin, it better be thin. So, Engadget has shots up of the super-thin 0.3mm OLED display. In a glass box. With a massively thick black box on top of it. The OLED display is thin, but if you need a support crew that’s thick, that’s just not thin to me.

Sony 0.3mm OLED
Image courtesy: Asa Mathat, AllThingsD.com

Source: Gizmodo, Engadget

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