Dell Mini-Inspiron: Eee PC Killer

Dell Mini-Inspiron Eee PC Killer

Gizmodo bumped into Michael Dell during the All Things D conference that was held today. Michael Dell was carrying a notebook PC that hasn’t been seen before. It was mini, a mini-Inspiron, a potential Eee PC killer. Michael Dell didn’t share specs such as OS, pricing or anything. Gizmodo was able to check out the USB ports (3), a card reader, a VGA output, an Ethernet port and the brilliant red color.

Dell Mini-Inspiron Eee PC Killer

From the looks of it, considering that a No. 2 pencil is around 6″ and assuming this is a 16:10 LCD, that would put the size of the LCD at around 7″. I would guess the pixel format would be 800 x 480 or 1024 x 600.

Source: Gizmodo

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