iriver P.ple P10: 4″ PMP

iriver P.ple P10
Display Size: 4″
Pixel Format: 800 x 480
Touch: Yes
CPU: 600MHz RMI AU1250
OS: Windows CE
Video Support: Flash, MPEG, WMA, XivD
Audio Support: MP3, WAV
Availability: South Korea
KRW328,000 (standard P.ple P10, ~US$318)
KRW398,000 (P.ple P10 Pro, ~US$386)

iriver P.ple P10 4

AVING: The newest portable multimedia player (PMP) from iriver is its P.ple P10. That is an interesting name, to say the least. The P.ple P10 sports a 33GB HDD and is powered by a RMI AU1250 CPU running at 600MHz. The OS is Windows CE. The external design is nice and simple. The UI, from looking at the picture, seems to be a bit complicated by extensively using nested menus. I would have liked a more Apple-esque “menu” system where you simply tap on functions you need without having to dig into menus so much.

The display is a 4″ TFT LCD with a pixel format of 800×480, which is quite nice to have and seems to be becoming the standard for wide displays in the 3″ to 4″ range. I would hope that Apple’s next generation iPhone has at least a pixel format of 800×480, in landscape orientation. P.ple P10’s 4″ LCD features touch capability but it is unlikely that it will support multitouch, which would have been nice.

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