Pioneer G9 KURO

Pioneer G9 KURO
Size: 50″ (PDP-LX5090), 60″ (PDP-LX6090)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: Infinity
Input: HDMI (3), Component (1), RCA AV (1), Euro-SCART (3), CI (1), VGA (1), USB (1)
60″ PDP-LX6090: 1465 x 876 x 93mm
50″ PDP-LX5090: 1233 x 723 x 93mm
60″ PDP-LX6090: 50.8kg
50″ PDP-LX5090: 33.5kg
Power Consumption:
60″ PDP-LX6090: 510W (operational), 0.4W (standby)
50″ PDP-LX5090: 420W, 0.3W
Price: About £2,400 (50″), £4,200 (60″)

Pioneer G9 KURO Plasma TV

Pioneer‘s G9 KURO is not just an evolutionary step from the G8. Pioneer claims that the black level of the G9 is 5x deeper than that of its G8. Simply put, the G9 KURO gives you a virtually perfect black. Trusted Reviews states that it is “almost impossible to see where the screen ends and the bezel begins” when the lights are off and during a dark scene.

Pioneer G9 KURO Plasma TV
Pioneer G9 KURO PDP-LX6090 Profile (3.66″ thick)

Look at how thin it is. It is just 93mm (3.66″) thick and its a 60″ plasma TV! Not only is the front screen performance amazing, so is the design. The G9 KURO has all of the other requisite specifications such as a pixel format of 1920 x 1080, all the video input you need and a contrast ratio that is near infinity. I hope reviews for Pioneer’s game-changing G9 KURO plasma TVs come online very soon.

Pioneer G9 KURO Plasma TV

Note: Trusted Reviews, for some odd reason, has the incorrect model names. They are usually right on but incorrectly used the G8 model names. The G9 KURO line is as stated in this post.

Here is a video regarding the Pioneer G9 KURO that I found that was created by AVForums:

Source: Trusted Reviews, Pioneer UK

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