Gigabyte M912: 8.9″ Ultraportable Tablet PC

Gigabyte M912
Display: 8.9″ Touch TFT LCD
Webcam: 1.3M
Storage: 250GB 2.5″ SATA (4GB SSD option)
OS: MS Windows, Linux
Weight: 1.2kg

Gigabyte M912 8.9

Gigabyte showcased its M912 ultraportable notebook PC, but with a twist: it’s a convertible tablet PC. The 8.9″ touch-enabled LCD can be rotated 180 degrees to transform the M912 from a typical ultraportable notebook PC into an ultraportable convertible tablet PC.

Gigabyte M912 8.9

One other crazy thing about the M912 is that you can fit it with a 250GB 2.5″ SATA. Now that’s some huge storage capacity for something that small, speaking of which the M912 weighs just 1.2kg. That’s 2.64lbs.

Source: AVING

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