HP Tuning MacBook Air Killer

Rahulsoo.com (1, 2): Rahul Sood is the founder of VOODOOPC. And after HP gobbled it up, Rahul is CTO of HP’s Global Gaming Business. He wrote a blog article about how Audi (actually VW) acquired problematic (business as well as quality wise) Lamborghini and has invested in the brand toward growth and profitability. The new Gallardo and Murcielago sports Audi’s Quattro system and quality has improved a great deal. Rahul also notes that Audi’s own brands such as the R8 is a testament to how Audi is pushing its own technology and design.

HP BlackBird

To unpack all of the parallelism, Audi is to HP as Lamborghini is to VOODOOPC. VOODOOPC has improved in terms of quality and profitability while HP has been pushing its own technology and design, i.e. BlackBird 002, a box I would love to have in my own office.

But I can’t resist mentioning the fact that there is a new, faster, better handling and more affordable supercar in town: Nissan’s GTR. At just $70,000 it is a much better value than anything that’s out there. I would have to say that the GTR is the BEST valued supercar that is commercially available today. And that means that it bests the reigning champ, the Corvette Z06. So what would be an appropriate analogy? I am willing to bet that Sony, Panasonic or Toshiba will soon come out with not only a MacBook Air or a Lenovo X300 killer in terms of size, weight, aesthetics and performance, but it’ll be way cheaper!

What would something like that look like?

  • 12.1″ Wide LCD
  • 1440 x 900
  • LED Backlight
  • 100% NTSC
  • Full-sized backlit keyboard (yes, it would overcome the laws of physics)
  • <2.5lbs: Carbon fiber body and internals
  • CPU that’s faster and smaller than the 1.8GHz that’s in the MacBook Air
  • Samsung’s 256MB SSD
  • 64-bit OS
  • 8GB of RAM
  • $2000

I dream…

But back to HP… At the end of the post, Rahul states that “soon we’ll have a huge announcement.” And on his birthday he cuts the cake with a MacBook Air and states that “… I wouldn’t be needing this notebook for long anyways… :)”

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