Foxconn PD-S2900: DLP Pico Projector

Foxconn PD-S2900 Specifications
Display Technology: 0.45″ TI DLP
Pixel Format: 858 x 600
Brightness: 55 ANSI Lumens
Dimension: 102 x 92 x 36mm
Weight: 0.83lbs, 381g
Availability: Taiwan in Q3’08

Foxconn PD-S2900 DLP Pico Projector

Foxconn showcased its pico projector the PD-S2900. The PD-S2900 is based on TI’s DLP technology and beams a slightly wide 858 x 600 pixels. The pico projector is tiny and weighs very little. The tiny projector doesn’t put out a lot of brightness, but 55 ANSI Lumens should do the job for on-the-go presentations in small meeting rooms.

Source: AVING

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