Albatron 22″ Multitouch LCD Monitor for XP and Vista at Computex 2008

Albatron 22″ Multitouch LCD
Pixel Format: 1680 x 1050
Price: 120% of regular LCD

Albatron 22

Albatron’s 22″ multitouch LCD monitor was showcased during Computex 2008 and was working on Windows Vista. The folks over at TGDaily had a blast playing around with Google Earth. According to Robert Doncevski, Sales Director at Albatron, size is not a limit. For instance, the 22″ multitouch LCD that was showcased at Computex 2008 has two integrated touch sensors on both sides of the display. Doncevski stated to go 24″ and larger all you need is to add a third sensor on top of the screen. Sounds pretty simple to me.

Multitouch is great, but I wonder if our fingers will be good enough for high precision work. For instance, drawing precise objects on Illustrator or dot painting on Photoshop can get difficult with a finger. Of course for simple navigation on a page or map, direct input via our fingers is probably the best. As an iPhone user, I can attest that multitouch LCD and fingers go hand in hand.

Source: TGDaily via Engadget

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