Asus Eee TV: 42″ LCD TV at Computex 2008

Asus Eee TV 42

Engadget: The Asus Eee TV was spotted at Computex 2008. The Eee TV is a 42″ LCD TV and that’s about all there is in terms of information. But what is the Eee brand about? I thought it was small, eminently portable, extremely affordable and sort of cute. The Eee TV is none of that. Well, I don’t know how affordable it’s going to be, but I do hope it’ll give Vizio and the likes a challenge for the budget LCD TV crown.

But that might be wishful thinking as we know that Asus has announced a while back that the Eee TV will have a Linux box embedded into it. I say that’s a big bad move. Why? People upgrade computer stuff much more quickly than TVs. And what if the storage goes bad in the Linux box or the RAM craps out? Not good.

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