HTC Advantage at Computex 2008

HTC Advantage Specifications
Display: 5″ Touch LCD
Pixel Format: 640 x 480
Connectivity: GPS, HSDPA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0
Touch: Finger gesture recognition
Software: Internet Explorer, Opera 9 (touch optimized)
Memory: 16GB Flash

HTC Advantage at Computex 2008

HTC‘s Advantage device is very difficult to classify. Because of the largish display (5″) and pixel format (640 x 480) it doesn’t quite fit the smartphone category; it’s a bit too big. But it’s not quite a netbook because those seem to start around 7″ and sport a slightly higher pixel format at 800 x 480 or 1024 x 600. So what is the Advantage? A netbook mini perhaps? Or is it a UMPC?

Whatever HTC’s Advantage is, it is a powerful mobile device with enough LCD real estate to a lot of work, since HTC is squarely positioning for business use. The 16GB of flash storage space should allow for carrying a lot of non-business file such as audio, video and pictures along with your Office documents.

Source: AVING

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