Chi Mei Optoelectronics Post Revenues of NT$34 Billion in May

Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), the second largest Taiwanese TFT LCD manufacturer after AU Optronics (AUO), posted May 2008 revenues of NT$34 billion, an increase of 1.5% M/M and 60.64% Y/Y. CMO shipped 6.52 million large-area (10″ and larger) LCD panels, up 4.2% M/M and 77.94% Y/Y. But, the company saw a 17.8% M/M decrease for small/medium shipments of 7.50 million units. Note that revenue and shipment figures are unaudited and may change once they are.

It is difficult to ascertain exactly what type of LCD panels contributed most to the increase in unit shipments for May. I hope they are not LCD TV panels. There is a trend toward smaller and more affordable LCD TVs in the US where the economy is weak. Consumers have a difficult time accessing credit and overall have less disposable income due to rising prices, especially gasoline. The US economy has shed many jobs as well and resulted in the workforce contracting. This is not the time to pump in a lot of LCD panels into the supply chain as the sell-through of the main staples such as LCD monitors, notebook PCs and especially LCD TVs will be weak.

Source: CMO

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