WALTOP Interactive White Board: 75″ Touch Screen at Computex 2008

WALTOP Interactive White Board Specifications
Display: 75″
Active Area: 1540 x 1140 mm (60.2″ x 44.9″)
Resolution: 600 Lpi
Pressure Level: 1024
Report Rate: 200 rps
Multi-Pen: 2 pens in specific areas
Connectivity: USB 1.1 (7 meter cable)
Power Supply: USB Vbus
Power Consumption: 220 mA (max)
Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Mac 10.2.5 and above

WALTOP Interactive White Board 75

WALTOP’s Interactive White Board has a display size of 75″ and enables writing Chinese characters with a wireless pen with 1024 levels of sensitivity, a must for good calligraphy. When I was very young my grandfather taught me how to write Chinese characters. I used a traditional brush and ink. The ink was ground from a bar and took a good long while to get enough for use with a brush. One of the most important factors of writing well was to keep my wrist off of the paper. It took a lot of concentration to keep a steady arm. I wonder how my grandfather would have reacted to WALTOP’s Interactive White Board with the Chinese character practice software application!

Source: AVING

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