HP DreamColor LP2480zx: 24″ LCD Monitor

HP LP2480zx Specifications
Display: 24″ 10-bit TFT LCD with LED Backlight
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1200
Color: >1 billion
Price: $3499

HP DreamColor LP2480zx 24

HP worked closely with DreamWorks Animation SKG for two years to develop the DreamColor LP2480zx. Dream, dream, dream… I digress. The price? $3499. Why is it so expensive? The 10-bit LCD panel will add some cost, but the majority of the price premium from a regular 24″ LCD monitor is the backlight. The DreamColor LP2480zx comes with a LED backlight. LED backlights at this size is quite expensive. The LP2480xz is geared for professionals who require extreme levels of color fidelity and mostly like will be able to afford something like this (since the company is paying for it). How extreme? More than 1 billion colors via a 10-bit TFT LCD. Amazon.com sells the LP2480zx for $2228.41.

Source: HP via Engadget

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