VOODOO Envy 133: 13.3″ Notebook PC

VOODOO’s Envy 133 Specifications
Display: 13.3″ TFT LCD with LED Backlight (flush glass)
Pixel Format: 1280 x 800
GPU: Intel GMA X3100
CPU: 1.6GHz (SP7500) or 1.8GHz (SP7700) Intel Core 2 Duo, 4MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB
CPU Power Consumption: 20W
Storage: SSD, HD
Optical: External
Connectivity: USB 2.0, USB/eSATA, Ethernet (on power brick)
OS: Microsoft Vista
Thickness: 0.70″
Battery: Removeable
Chassis: Carbon fiber (black, custom)
Other: Ambient Light Sensor, Backlit Keyboard (with Proximity Sensor), Instant On IOS (DeviceVM Splashtop)
Weight: 3.37lbs
Price: $2099 and up

Updated 2008.06.27 2:23PM PST
VOODOO Envy 133: 13.3

VOODOO Envy 133: 13.3

VOODOO Envy 133: 13.3

Wow. These are some really nice pictures of VOODOO’s Envy 133, a MacBook Air killer, in the flesh. Source: Photobucket via Engadget There are more pictures from Maximum PC after the break.

Updated 2008.06.25 5:25PM PST
VOODOO Envy 133
A real live picture of VOODOO’s Envy 133. Looks fantastic. This is the Scuderia-red version with Rahul Sood’s Racing Edition engraved underneath. Source: Engadget

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VOODOO Envy 133

VOODOO‘s Envy 133 almost looks like an art piece. The elegant and simple design exudes luxury and it is beautiful. But not only is it beautiful there are some really neat technology that’s been incorporated. First off, the keyboard is backlit. There’s nothing special about that, but it has a sensor that detects if there are hands over it and turns the backlight on. If the hands move away, the light turns off. The battery is removable, which is quite remarkable, but if you look (video below) at the thickness of the battery, it is quite impressively thin. The entire chassis is made of carbon fiber, according to Rahul Sood. That must have cost quite a bit to make, but the curious part about that is the weight: at 3.37lbs, it is heavier than both the MacBook Air and Lenovo’s X300. I don’t quite know why that’s the case.

The 13.3″ LCD has a LED backlight. The LCD is also flush with the bezel and making it look really nice. The ambient light sensor detects the brightness and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display, very similar to what the MacBook Air and Pros do.

Another interesting design choice is the location of the Ethernet port. The Envy 133 has one, just not on the box itself. The Ethernet port has been relocated to the power brick and when connected the VOODOO logo lights up: a very nice touch. Not only that, the power brick also is a WiFi access point. Very nice.

The price seems very reasonable at $2099 but I wonder what the storage capacity will be. If the storage capacity ends up being a 64GB SSD, the $2099 price is a steal! With a regular HD, the price would still be quite good.

There is a YouTube video where Rahul Sood introduces the Envy 133 and the Omen to a crowd in Germany:

Source: Engadget

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