Sony BRAVIA M1 Series: KDL-20M1, KDL-16M1

Sony BRAVIA M1 Series KDL-20M1, KDL-16M1 Specifications
KDL-20M1: 20″ 1366 x 768, CR 1200:1
KDL-16M1: 16″ 1366 x 768, CR 1800:1
Viewing Angle: 178/178
Connectivity: HDMI (2, 1080/24p compatible), Ethernet, USB, Component, Composite, S-Video, VGA, VOD, DLNA
Video Processing: BRAVIA Engine 2
Availability: March 25, 2008 in Japan
KDL-20M1: JPY 110,000 US$1000
KDL-16M1: JPY 90,000, US$835

Sony BRAVIA M1 20

Sony‘s BRAVIA M1 line of LCD TVs come in a variety of colors and in two sizes: 20″ and 16″. Both sizes feature a 1366 x 768 pixel format but the smaller 16″ KDL-16M1 boasts a better contrast ratio of 1800:1 compared to 1200:1 on the larger 20″ KDL-20M1.

Sony BRAVIA M1 20

The design is actually nice and has a bit of cuteness to it. Both M1 models should generate some decent images powered by the BRAVIA Engine 2 in addition to fairly good contrast ratios and excellent viewing angles.

But don’t expect XBR levels of performance. The M1 series lack some high-end features such as 120Hz, 10-bit TFT LCD panel, LED backlight, dynamic contrast, etc. The 20″ KDL-20M1 has the high-end price but not many of the high-end specifications. For a personal TV owned by a fairly well-to-do consumer, the BRAVIA M1 series seem like a respectable choice. Just don’t expect too much from it performance wise.

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