Optoma Pico Projector at InfoComm 2008

Optoma Pico Projector Specifications
Display Technology: DLP Pico Chipset
Pixel Format: 480 x 320
Color Gamut: 100% NTSC
Battery: 3.1V Lithium Ion, about 1 hour of operation
Light Source: RGB LED
Availability: Early 2009
Price: < $400 Optoma Pico Projector at InfoComm 2008

Update 2008.06.20 8:52AM PST
There we go: a much better picture of Optoma’s pico projector. According to the press release, Europe and Asia will be getting the pico projector first in late 2008 while the rest of the world has to wait until early 2009. Source: Engadget

Optoma Pico Projector at InfoComm 2008

Updated 2008.06.20 12:31AM PST
Here are some pictures of Optoma’s pico projector that is being showcased at InfoComm. The pictures didn’t come out that well because the environment was fairly dark. Why didn’t I use the flash? Because when you do, all the glare from the shiny plastic didn’t make it much better. If you look closely, you’ll be able to tell what it looks like. And it looks pretty nice. The design is nice and simple and there aren’t a lot of buttons to clutter it up. The pico projector must be manually focused, but it was a fairly headache-free operation using a dial up toward the front of the unit.

Optoma Pico Projector at InfoComm 2008

I spoke with Wing Chung, Director at Optoma and he revealed that the pico projector can be available in certain markets sooner than early 2009, which would put it at late 2008. Have a look:

Original Post
Optoma showcased what it calls the world’s first pico projector. The extremely light and small pico projector uses a LED for the light source and is based on Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. The battery lasts just one hour on a complete charge so it is best used for short presentations and small spaces. The tiny projector emits 10 Lumens of brightness according to the company, a brightness that has not been achieved before on a pick projection device. The tiny projector was connected to a 4th gen iPod and was playing a slideshow. The quality of the projected image was very good considering how small the device. The pico projector requires that you manually focus the projected image, but even with that inconvenience, I can see how some consumers might be impatiently waiting for an ultra-portable projector. The Optoma pico projector will be available later in early 2009.

Live from InfoComm 2008

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