BlackBerry Bold: Should Have Been Iron Man’s Phone

Engadget posted up an entry regarding BlackBerry’s Bold smarphone. They came away “happily impressed” with the newest member of the CrackBerry family. The physical QWERTY keyboard was easy to use and easier than the previous generation 8830. The user interface was a good point with clean and easy to read menus with quick response times.

BlackBerry Bold: Should Have Been Iron Man's Phone

But that’s not what this blog post is about. I was looking through the pictures and found the ‘pearl’ in the middle to be strangely familiar. You see, a bunch of us guys went to the Mountain View Shoreline theater to watch Iron Man a couple of weeks ago. The movie was great and I recommend you go watch it if you’re a gadget and technology nut like I am.

BlackBerry Bold: Should Have Been Iron Man's Phone
Image courtesy: Marvel

In the movie, there is a lot of technology involved, but the main technology is the miniaturized flux capacitor that generate an enormous amount of energy. When looking at BlackBerry’s new Bold smarphone, the ‘pearl’ reminded me of the flux capacitor. A flux capacitor powering a BlackBerry Bold. That could’ve been interesting. BlackBerry’s Bold should have been Tony Stark’s super gadget phone.

Source: Engadget

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