Panasonic Plans 37″ OLED TV

Panasonic, the major consumer electronics brand of Matsushita, is planning to mass produce 37″ OLED TVs within the next three years. If Panasonic is successful, the 37″ OLED TV would be the largest OLED TV in production, by a big margin. Sony introduced its OLED TV, the XEL-1, late last year but it is a paltry 11″ in size and does not have a discreet pixel format that can support 1080p content. There also have been questions as to how long the XEL-1 would last and the only test that has been conducted has put it at just 17,000 hours, much less than what Sony claims: 30,000 hours.


Samsung SDI and LG are researching OLED technology and have released many technology prototypes over the years, but no plans have come forth for mass production.

Bear in mind, I’m a bit skeptical since Toshiba and Matsushita had a joint effort to mass manufacture a 30″ OLED TV by 2009. Difficulties transitioning from research into volume production forced the joint effort to cancel their efforts in late 2007. If a 30″ OLED TV is difficult, I don’t see how a 37″ OLED TV would be much easier.

Source: Digital Trends

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