Dell Studio 15 and Studio 17 Notebook PCs

Updated 2008.06.27 8:34AM PST
A roundup of reviews, thanks to Engadget, and a lot more pictures. The Studio line of Dell’s new pseudo-XPS notebooks are said to be slightly thicker than XPS versions (that’s not good). But the design is there. But Centrino 2 is just around the corner. Choices. But if you dig the design and can deal with the thicker body, then maybe this is your thing.

Dell Studio 15 and Studio 17 Notebook PCs

Here are the list of reviews all around the net: NotebookReview, CNET, PC Mag, Laptop Mag. Basically, Dell’s Studio notebook PCs are a great value that combine a lot of power from the XPS line and great prices from the Inspirons. Source: Engadget

Original Post Dell’s Studio 15 and 17 notebook PC specifications can be found here, but this post is about some other cool things Dell has incorporated into its design-centric notebook PCs. That sounds very paradoxical as Dell has been known as the leader in cost-cutting with absolutely zero sense of design. Dell’s Studio 15 and Studio 17 notebook PCs are packed with design. Although the overall design isn’t ground-breaking by any means, for Dell this is a great start toward building more powerful gadgets with great design.

Hardware design: OK. But Dell didn’t stop there. Dell has gone ahead and developed some cool tools to manage application launches and video chats.

Dell has joined hands with SightSpeed to bring you a pretty nifty video chat application. It isn’t quite as slick as Apple’s iChat with a wide aspect ratio mult-person chat room, but for Dell, this is a very good start. The 2×2 multi-person chat window seems to be quite usable, but the overall UI design seems to hint a bit of clutter.

Dell also has its own dock, similar to Apple’s dock in the OS X operating system. It isn’t interesting that Dell has took great liberties in mimicking Apple. But it is quite surprising how long it took to do it! I’m actually even more surprised that Microsoft hasn’t already done this.

Source: Dell via Engadget

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