Numark PT-01USB: Retro Turntable with USB

Numark PT-01USB Specifications
Connectivity: Mac and PC via USB, Stereo RCA Out, Headphone
Power: AC or six D batteries
Software: Numark EZ Vinyl Converter 2 (PC), EZ Audio Converter (Mac)
Availability: Q3’08
Numark PT-01USB Retro Turntable with USB

One hallmark of classic or retro gear is that they lack displays. Instead, these simply cool devices have a lot of knobs. Numark’s PT-01USB is a case in point. There is no display, three knobs and one little switch. How simple. How cool. Of course, it would have been cooler if there was a touch-enabled red LED display for control and displaying current settings. The PT-01USB comes with a USB cable (a must!), a 45RPM adapter (for singles) and a phono cartridge.

The PT-01USB, using the software that comes with it, transfers tracked songs directly into iTunes. How convenient is that! In addition, if you download Gracenote’s MusicID, naming tracks becomes automatic.

Each recording of LPs into MP3s will be unique. I have a fairly large collection of LPs that have been stored for more than two decades. These have tiny microscopic scratches in them that make them literally one-of-a-kind. And so will my MP3 recordings of them. I can’t wait to get my hands on the PT-01USB so I can relive my earlier years, listening to my music the way I did, with all the bumps and noises.

Source: Numark via Retro Thing via Wired

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