Samsung Omnia

Samsung Omnia Specifications

Display: 3.2″ Resistive Touch TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 240 x 400
Camera: 5MP CMOS (Auto Focus, Image Stabilizer, Geo Tagging, Auto Panorama, Wide Dynamic Range, Face Detection, Smile Detection, no Frown Detection?)
Video: DivX, XviD, H.263, H.264, WMV, MP4
Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, OGG, AMR, FM Radio with RDS
Connectivity: Bluetooth with A2DP, GPS, USB 2.0, WiFi
Storage: 8GB or 16GB internal, external memory slot (what kind?)
Battery: Detachable 1440 mAh Lithium Ion
Dimension: 56.9 x 112 x 12.5mm

Samsung Omnia

What does Omnia mean? I googled all over the net and found some interesting definitions.

  1. Omnia is a fund backed by members of Lebanon’s wealthy Hariri family. The Omnia fund didn’t do very well.
  2. Omnia is a self-described “neoceltic paganfolk” band based in The Netherlands. They play mostly self-composed music, with a sprinkling of traditional music from places like Ireland, Brittany and Afghanistan…
  3. Omnia is a desert theocracy ruled by the Cenobiarch, the head of the Omnian Church, from the Citadel in the capital city of Kom.

How interesting! This Samsung Omnia phone has a fascinating history. I digress. The actual definition that Samsung was thinking of when naming this smartphone was probably the Latin plural of ‘all’. The name might suggest that the Omnia phone from Samsung “has it all”. In fact, Samsung’s Omnia has got quite a few things including stuff that the iPhone and the iPhone 3G doesn’t. Let’s have a look.

The main difference is the incorporation of a 5 megapixel CMOS digital camera into the Omnia. I haven’t heard anything regarding the picture and video quality of the camera, but my guess is that it will be much better than the puny 2MP camera on the iPhone. Just look at the specs and you can see that a lot of technology was crammed into the digital camera. Just to name one: image stabilization. That’s something you see in fairly advanced digital cameras. The iPhone does suck in this regard and forces me to carry an additional gadget: a digital camera. Maybe iPhone 3G 2.0 will rectify this problem.

Related to the seemingly awesome camera is the ability to shoot video. I hope it saves in H.264 format. The simple fact that you can shoot video is great. And again, I must blast Apple for not even giving us the ability.

FM Radio. I know, not many folks listen to the radio anymore, especially the non-satellite kind, but I do. So, the fact that the Omnia has a FM radio is a cool thing. The Bluetooth on the Omnia has A2DP capability, something that all smartphones that are able to play audio should have. Apple fumbled here too.

So I guess the Omnia does have a lot going for it. Maybe I can sell my iPhone on eBay while the price is good and get myself a Samsung Omnia…

Source: Samsung

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