Amazon Kindle Now With College Textbooks

Amazon Kindle Now With College Textbooks

Princeton University Press, Oxford, Yale and the University of California schools are putting a portion of their titles into e-book format. This will allow Kindle users to simply download the books they need and have near instant access to them. Kindle will begin carrying titles from Princeton University Press this fall. Searching for information will be a breeze. The Kindle versions of the textbooks will be a bit less than the paper versions. This development also allows students to bypass all of those lines at the university bookstores and used bookstores all around campuses. Hauling all those books would be a thing of the past. Just carry your Kindle, a simple, lightweight, e-book reader that can store a ton of textbooks.

Hopefully this will not end with just university textbooks. I hope all K-12 students can have the option of purchasing or renting textbooks on the Kindle. I have seen so many kids carry an entire backpack full of heavy books to school and back. Many of them use wheeled backpacks to save their backs from being injured due to the weight of these books!

Source: Yahoo Buzz via CSMonitor via Gizmodo

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