NASA hyperwall-2

NASA hyperwall-2 Specifications

Display: 128 LCD Monitors
Pixels: 1 Billion
Size: 23′ x 10′
GPU: 128 GPUs
CPU: 1024 CPU Cores, 74 Teraflops
Storage: 475 Terabytes

NASA hyperwall-2
Image source: Gizmodo

NASA’s hyperwall-2 is a huge improvement over its original 49-screen hyperwall that was developed just 6 years ago in 2002 by the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) visualization team. NASA’s hypwerwall-2 almost triples the number of displays to 128 and improves processing power by more than 100 times! The 128 displays illuminate a billion pixels allowing for some eye-popping visualizations of the earth and darn near anything else you’d like to visualize.

The hyperwall-2 has a direct connection to NAS supercomputers including the Columbia supercomputer. With this much power and display capability, it is no wonder that the hyperwall-2 is the world’s highest resolution scientific visualization and data exploration environment.

Source: NASA via Gizmodo

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